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The brand

Founded in 2015, Philippe Watson is a Canadian Clothing brand for men combining comfort and simplicity. The signature logo is represented by an attentive and intriguing Fox Terrier.

The Fox Terrier is lively and quite intelligent. Despite his small size, his agility allows him to stand up to much larger than him. He will never let you down.


Discovered by a wide audience in 2017 at the very popular show "Dragon's Den " on the french network Radio-Canada, the brand was an instant success.


Put on a Philippe Watson piece of clothing and you will definitely approach your day differently. Do the test!


We offer you a wide range of casual and practical clothing. You will also be delighted by our collection of unique and stylish accessories such as wallets, bags and leather goods.


And what about that name? It is a simple tribute to his son Philippe and his dog Watson!*

*R.I.P Watson, march 2023.  You were a unique companion.


It all starts here

Our signature logo is printed, embroidered or sewn entirely in our workshop or at our local partner in Trois-Rivières, Quebec.


The design and development of our collections is done in Canada just like our different clothing labels and decorative elements.


The conception of our clothing and accessories is made possible thanks to our manufacturing partners located mainly in Canada, United States, Europe and Asia.


In the last years, we have integrated new suppliers. This is mainly due to our commercial growth as well as the introduction of new products. The increase in volumes has also allowed us to approach larger manufacturers who are leaders in their fields.

Social responsibility is an important element throughout our supply chain. Our suppliers and manufacturers respect the highest standards of ethics, respect for human rights and business conduct aligned with the ILO (International Labor Organization).


We continually strive for excellence in the quality of our fabrics as well as the long-term relationship with our global partners.



Wear it proudly




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